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Crafts For Your Kids To Enjoy Over The Holidays

It's about that time of year that people are looking for kids crafts for the school holidays. What better way to entertain your kids than to teach them all about creativity are re-use?

Resource Rescue Inc. is a kid-friendly store so we encourage you to bring your children along for a visit - no matter what age they are, they won't be disappointed! Many families find it hard to leave once they step into our store. There's just soooo much stuff!

Your School's Art And Craft Needs Are All Sewn Up

Looking for the cheapest school art supplies in the land? Well, look no further. We are the cheapest and the best at sourcing high quality materials while looking after our environment at the same time!

Did you know that 80% of our members are childcare centres and primary schools? And our store is becoming more and more popular because you guys are THE best networkers around. You tell each other about us, and we're thrilled about that.

A Scrapbooker's Heaven At Our Craft Shop

Did you know that our cheap art supplies are very popular amongst scrapbooking enthusiasts? We have hundreds and hundreds of fabric swatches, sample books and ribbon in all shapes and textures, not to mention large pieces of beautiful fabric at the cheapest of prices.

In fact just today we received a whole truckload of new fabrics and we have posted the latest and greatest on our Facebook page. As the weather warms up we will be getting even busier so remember to stop by and soak up the action!

Even MORE Low Priced Art Materials

Good morning cheap art supplies searchers! Here we are on this fine August day bringing you the latest goodies that have been donated to us by our generous suppliers. You wouldn't believe what people are throwing away! The mannequins are still extremely popular and just yesterday we got a whole heap of cool board games!

And of course we still have heaps and heaps of the old favourites; double sided tape, stickyback foam, paint pots and...oh....did I mention HUNDREDS of high quality, soft hessian sacks? If you haven't had a chance to pop in this year, now's the time!

Art Supplies For School Kids

Hi everyone beautiful Melbourne weather has put a smile on faces this week and you have been especially appreciative of our school art supplies - we appreciate your appreciation, and we hope to serve you even better in the future!

Did you know we still have heaps of high quality mannequins available? Full mannequins are $80.00 each, which I'm told is a fraction of the retail price. My my, we're so very grateful for the sensational goodies our generous suppliers give us; and we're equally thrilled to pass the incredible savings onto you.

End of Month Donations Of Cheap Art And Craft Materials

Come and see the latest discount craft supplies that have landed in our store! Peter and Gary have been hard at work topping up the bins, unloading the goodies and generally keeping the store looking fab. We're in our 6th month at Resource Rescue and we're going from strength to strength.

On the home front is has been a week of birthday celebrations and we're about ready for a nice rest. Since it's nearly the end of the month stand by for our monthly newsletter which gives you an overview of the kinds of things that are coming in.

Art And Craft For Your Family

Well, school holidays are finally over and our art and craft supplies store sure had a lot of visitors. In fact, in the month of July we have signed up 100 new members. It seems more and more people are coming to Resource Rescue for all their school art supplies.

This week we have a whole lot of special calendars including Elvis, Kylie and Marylin Monroe. We haven't shown them here but we have posted photos on our FaceBook page.

Rescued Art and Craft Materials

It's school holidays and our art and craft supplies store is a happening place to be! We have just posted a whole lot of photos on our Facebook page so be sure to check it out when you can.

Peter and Gary and working hard in this freezing cold Melbourne weather (sorry we don't have any heating!) and they will be delighted to show you around. Resource Rescue Inc. is becoming busier and busier, and we're so grateful to all of you for your continuing support.

More School Craft Supplies for the Holidays


Happy Friday everyone

Well it's school holidays again and school art supplies are on the minds of many a teacher and childcare worker. As I write this blog post, Peter is busy unloading a PLETHORA of high quality mannquins that were kindly donated by a generous supplier!

Now, I'm told these mannequins are worth quite a bit of money commercially and we'll be very happy to offer them to you at a heavily discounted price....because that's what we do!

New Low-Priced High Quality Craft Materials On Display

Peter and Gary have been hard at work unloading this week's cheap craft supplies from the truck and into the store for all you lovely people to enjoy.

We're preparing for the onslaught that is the school holidays! And just in case you were wondering, YES!!! We are open right throughout the holidays, in fact it is our busiest time. So tell all your friends and colleagues to come in and visit us.

Oodles of Art Supplies For Your School, Kinder Or Play Group

We have oodles and oodles of school art supplies to show you today. Peter did the rounds yesterday and unloaded another truckload into our store.

You've been coming in more and more and we're glad about that for two reasons; firstly, you are putting to good use things that would otherwise have been thrown away and gone into landfill. Secondly, we WANT you to take full advantage of your membership!