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Hi Everyone! Well, we’re due to open the doors to our new discount craft supplies store on February first and our store is literally brimming with stock! Peter, Mal and Gary have been working very hard to bring in and arrange all the art and craft supplies that you love. But sometimes we get other… Read More »

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Hi everyone! Well we opened on one of the hottest days of the summer but it was gratifying to see that the new discount craft shop stayed relatively cool and that everyone loved the place. Feedback has been very positive after all the hard work that was done setting up the site. Our first customers… Read More »

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For your convenience our cheap craft supplies shop is now offering a mail order system. To access this service follow these easy steps: From the table determine your membership level based on the number of your students. Take out a membership by paying the fee.   Joining Resource Rescue Inc. is EASY. You can join in… Read More »

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Today we’re delighted to talk about our friends Donna and Sherry, who are play based learning consultants – and regular ‘connoisseurs’ of our stuff. They have a wonderful Facebook page called Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning – and BOY, do they have some great ideas to share! They love to use our cheap art supplies to… Read More »

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We have had a great second week with lots of people dropping in to our craft shop and new membership sign ups, including our very FIRST mail order membership! If you can’t get to our store or if you live interstate then our mail order service may suit you very well. Basically instead of you… Read More »

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Local Ikebana artist Shoso Shimbo has just created a work using materials from our craft shop that has been accepted to be included in an up and coming art exhibition – and we’re mighty chuffed to say that he created this work using OUR materials! Oh, and we REALLY hate to namedrop….but Shoso is actually Peter and Sonia’s… Read More »

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While you’re paying a visit to our craft shop, why not pop into Rudi’s studio next door? Our friend Rudi Jass creates water features and sculptures characterised by clean flowing lines, elegant forms and timeless design that are equally at home in small courtyards or amid the strong shapes of bold modern architecture in urban and commercial… Read More »

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Resource Rescue cheap art supplies outlet is now in its third week and we’re very happy to say that feedback continues to be very positive. Peter has been driving around picking up lots of stuff. Gary has been holding the fort in the store and I have to say, both of the boys love serving… Read More »

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Happy Monday to everybody from Peter, Gary and Sonia at our craft shop! We’re always amazed at the talented creative people that we have the privilege of connecting with through our work. Two such talented people are Michelle and Janine from Homemade Rainbows. The girls make imaginative play sets that inspire play and promote childrens natural… Read More »

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New discount craft supplies are being donated to us every day. We are in the last week of the month and somebody must have decided to bring Easter on early! We received thousands of baskets and easter egg moulds from a generous supplier. I have posted photos on our facebook page so if you’re interested come down… Read More »