Many people who come into our centre are thrilled at the vast array of cheap craft supplies available. It’s great for people to have a place they can come to that collects discards and offcuts from industry and sells them to the community for creative and educational uses. Some of our regular customers include:


  • Teachers;
  • Artists;
  • Early Learning Centres;
  • Craft workers;
  • Theatre Groups;
  • Scrapbookers;
  • Fashion experts;
  • Model Makers;
  • Costume Designers
  • Parents and families;
  • Hobbyists;
  • Party organizers;
  • Woodworkers


What People Are Saying…


Anne McKenzie from Mont Albert North says:

“Wow, what can I say.  When I visited your store I felt like a “kid in a candy store” – it was so exciting and I didn’t know where to start.  Your staff were very friendly and helpful and pointed me in the right direction.  I think we spent nearly 2 hours making our selection.  So many wonderful things to choose from – the uses limited only to your imagination.  I will be back.  Thanks,  Anne”

Priscilla Williams From Hawthorn

“Resource Rescue makes recycling fun, easy and enjoyable. The professionalism, email updates and store layout are a credit to Peter Van Os and his friendly team. The new factory is bright and well organised, with plenty of materials to load into your car. I’m so glad I found out about Resource Rescue. I joined immediately on my first visit and have recommended the organisation to many Art Teachers across Melbourne.”

Kim Sinclair from Gardenvale says:

“I finally got there today and had a ball. Was there for ages and still could have spent longer but Peter wanted to go home! LOL Excellent variety of resources guys! My son was very happy with the netting to add to his cat run. Fabulous stuff! Thanks for your help, Peter. : )”

Susan Uncle from Chelsea Heights says:

“I love going to get new things to use on my craft projects and card making staff there are always friendly and always bringing in new things to pick up.” 

Robin Williams from Cockatoo says:

I am so excited about the multitude of diverse variety of  high quality resources  you have to offer that I regularly look at the website to see what latest items you have in stock so I can provide for my program. I have been giving out your business cards regularly  so that others can also provide the same for their programs”

Sacha Gough from Kilvington Grammar says:

I thought you might be interested in the wonderful project that we used your resources for. I came to collect supplies for our special Year 8 program on Sustainability and the Environment.  For three days, students used entirely recycled products to create an artwork reflecting one of 3 main topics – earthquakes, floods or cyclones. 

We could not have done this without your services!

The incredible range of products you have meant that at no stage did a student ever say “I wish we had…”. I had almost every colour accounted for and love love LOVE the bamboo/MDF backing boards we used. They are so lightweight that the school maintenance staff are happy to hang the murals permanently on display. I also love the double-sided tape you stock, which meant that we were able to cover our backing boards entirely, giving us more time to devote to design, and (more importantly) giving us an instant artwork with no drying-time required.
The students LOVED knowing that everything was recycled, and really enjoyed hearing where things came from. They liked that the tape is obviously from the edge of the roll, they could see that the “black strings” were the edges of t shirt material, and they LOVED the shiny metallic foil which came from shampoo bottles.
Thank you for offering this fabulous service with a smile. Peter was amazing and knew exactly where to find whatever I needed. And where it had come from.
Love your work!”

Gina Zouglakis from Kew East says:

Dear Peter and the team at RESOURCE RESCUE,

My son and I visited your store today.  I was amazed at the variety and quality of the stock you carry.  Large, intact pieces of all sorts of materials – from foam and fabric, to wood and paper.  Small, interesting and highly useful items.  Rolls and rolls of paper, plastic, fabric.
I purchased a diverse collection of items – some frames, leather, pin board, paper and I know they will be extremely well used by myself and my family.  I will be passing on my discovery of your business to my friends, family, kinder … anyone who I think would benefit from a visit to Resource Rescue Inc.
All the very best and see you again soon.”
Kerry Benton from Narre Warren South says:

“My daughter and I spent the morning sifting through all the wonder craft supplies it was amazing the choice was huge and great improvement from another establishment we used. I had to drag my daughter out of the door, we will be back. 

Fleur Hovarth from Hoppers Crossing says:

I rang my dad and invited him to come shopping with me (something he would never willing do) until I mentioned it was Resource Rescue. I heard about you via Victoria University & he heard about you via Waverley Wood Workers Association. Upon entering the store, dad exclaimed ‘It’s like a $2 dollar shop on steriods!’ It’s certainly a treasure trove and we’ll definately be back. :)”

6 Year old Atticus Graham from Croydon says:

Dear Resource Rescue art supplies your shop is so awesome I wish I owned it!!! I made lots of things with your stuff like movie characters!!! Your shop is AWESOME!!!” 

…..and Syndal Preschool whote a poem about us!

“En masse we all arrived

To the Resource Rescue Centre on Hosie Drive (No, not Drive……silly GPS! ….Hosie Street Was where we were to meet)
There were five of us; three big; 2 small, To see Resource Rescue’s treasures and adore.
Inside was like an Aladdin’s cave
With plenty of items on display!
Aisles and aisles of wonderful things:
Wood, cardboard, fabric and plenty of bling.
We left with eight garbage bags stuffed full And headed straight back to Syndal Preschool.
Our “making table”, trolley and shelf are all stocked to the top Thanks to the team at the Resource Rescue Shop!”

Some of our regular clients:

Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning

Donna and Sherry have created a wonderful resource that is designed to inspire and assist parents, tertiary students of early childhood teaching and teachers. Visit their website at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning

Worlds of Imagination

Narelle creates gorgeous little wooden people and resources for kinder or home for children to use in their imaginative play. Visit her Facebook page at Worlds of Imagination


Homemade Rainbows

Michelle and Janine provide imaginative play sets that inspire play and promote childrens natural sense of wonder, using mostly recycled, repurposed and homemade materials. Visit their Facebook page at Homemade Rainbows


In fact, ANYBODY can come along to Resource Rescue. If you’re having a special occasion such as a party, gathering or fete you will find lots of cheap craft supplies that you can use. We encourage you to come to our centre and take your time browsing! Once you’re here you won’t want to leave!