Submitted by on Fri, 2017/07/28 - 6:53

New discount craft supplies are being donated to us every day. We are in the last week of the month and somebody must have decided to bring Easter on early! We received thousands of baskets and easter egg moulds from a generous supplier.

I have posted photos on our facebook page so if you’re interested come down to the store sooner rather than later – they’re selling like hot cakes!

Many new people are joining up. I don’t think anybody comes into the store without buying SOMETHING. We’re very happy that you like all our stuff and we will strive to bring you even more great materials as the months go by.

Here are some photos of new cheap art supplies that just came in:


Big cardboard tubes

Large solid foam blocks

Large cardboard  

More clocks!!   

Paper stars  

Plastic bottle    

Groovy wrapping paper  

Solid cardboard 

Plastic shapes 

Bags of confetti      

Large perspex circles $10.00EA

We hope to see you very soon!

Delighted to bring you discount craft supplies,

The Resource Rescue Team