About Us

Hi and Welcome to our discount craft shop. My name is Peter Van Os and you might remember me from Reverse Art Truck in Ringwood, where I worked as operations manager for over 10 years. Prior to that I worked at Reverse Garbage Truck . In fact I have spent over 20 years sourcing discount craft supplies for the community – and I never get tired of it.



Operations Manager
Peter Van Os


The home of cheap art supplies

I resigned from Reverse Art Truck in January 2011 and have opened a new non-profit outlet in Bayswater. Resource Rescue Inc. is a community based organisation that is run with the help of many wonderful and dedicated volunteers. We are committed to serving the community and providing education on the benefits of recycling and re-use. Our statement of purpose is:


To supply the educational community, artists and other resourceful people with discount craft supplies which is industrial waste donated by various industries in Melbourne;


To educate school children about the benefits of re-using materials;


To reduce the volume of industrial waste going into landfill and save our planet


Our store

The factory is a clear span building flooded with natural light and about 4 times larger than the previous location. We have unlimited parking (school buses no problem), wide aisles that allow the use of our shopping trolleys and a far better layout. We will be heated in winter and cool in summer, we have clean onsite facilities and we are only 10 minutes from Eastlink; so about 40 minutes from the CBD.


We are very excited at having found the perfect location, and we think you will be very happy with the work we have done there to enable us to provide you with a superior service and an enjoyable experience. Just ask our growing list of satisfied customers!


Eco-friendly art supplies

Of course, it’s not just about supplying you with discount art supplies; most of us use things for a limited period and then we throw them away without so much as a second thought. We live in a society that is obsessed with consumption; so much so that many of us have far more possessions than we could ever use in one lifetime. This causes major ecological problems for all of us.


Resource Rescue Inc. aims to encourage the re-use of materials that would otherwise have been thrown away, reducing the demand for new raw materials as well as reducing the environmental impact of waste going into landfill.


Even after 20 years I still enjoy my job and I am always thrilled to see how happy the customers are with the cheap art supplies I have found. I hope to continue this valuable service for many years to come, and I look forward to greeting you personally when you come to visit our craft shop.

Have a great day!