The Cheapest Craft Shop In Melbourne

Where else can you get discount craft supplies that are also eco-friendly? At Resource Rescue, you can save on the cost of your art and craft materials while using our materials. Resource Rescue Inc. is a non-profit organization which collects rejects, seconds and factory offcuts for distribution to the community.

Whether you are a school, kindergarten, small business or individual, our centre in Bayswater will cater to your needs and provide you with all of your school art supplies.

7 reasons to choose Resource Rescue

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON EVERY MEMBERSHIP – Be thrilled with   our service or we’ll pay you to go to the competition;
Our stock is the best and it is the cheapest – NO EXCEPTIONS;

Choose whatever membership level suits you, large or small. We will   NOT ask you to pay for  bags and bags of material you will never use just   because you are a large school;

Buy as little or as much as you like – No need to become a member;

EFTPOS and credit card facilities

Check out our stock

Our community-run re-use store in Bayswater is brimming with high-quality, unique, cheap art supplies that you can use for arts, craft, education, small business, theatre, home renovation, design or anything else you like.

We feel very passionate about providing you with a large variety of affordable resource materials and educating you on the benefits of re-using to recycle and reduce. Browse through our vast selection of products here!


Come and do your bit for our planet

Right now our society extracts materials from the earth, uses them for a short time and after that time these materials become waste. This causes great social and ecological problems for us all. We’re all responsible and we can all do our bit to save the planet. As an individual, you can reduce the amount of waste you produce at home by:


  • Buying less;
  • Composting all kitchen and garden wast;
  • Saying no to plastic bags and using reusable bags instead;
  • Repairing instead of replacing;
  • Reducing your resource and energy usage;
  • Buying recycled goods


At Resource Rescue Inc. we encourage you to re-use materials; we believe in educating the community in how to reduce landfill, and we hope to support the cause by supplying  industrial and commercial discards, off-cuts and over-runs at a very low prices. Our aim is to continue to reduce waste and to encourage the creative and innovative use of resources.

It’s really simple! You just come in, select the materials you need and we’ll sort it all out for you at the front desk. Come in today and enjoy browsing our store for all your discount craft supplies.