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The Best Art And Craft For Schools in the Land!

People came from near and far to sample our school art supplies. It's the end of the school holidays, and BOY were we busy! we were chuffed to learn that someone actually drove from from Queensland to see us!

In the last few weeks we have received an abundance of fake flowers, which I posted on our Facebook page. If you haven't already been to see us be sure to come in and snag your share. We have thousands in stock. Anyway all the schools have stocked up for the coming term so we hope the students will be happy with all the new stuff.

Easter Is Here And Your School Or Kinder Needs Supplies

Well it's Good Friday and even though it's a holiday and absolutely NOTHING is open (including us!!) I thought I'd share some of the sensational school art supplies that we have available over the holidays.  We are showcasing our materials on our facebook page along with many things you can use for gifts. If you are looking for somewhere CHEAP to entertain your kids during the holidays, you can't go past Resource Rescue.

Holiday Art And Craft Fun For Your Kids

Holidays are the best times to take advantage of our cut-price school art supplies. We're getting ready for Easter and to celebrate we have just received a whole lot of dress-up stuff from one of our suppliers. These can all be seen on our facebook page along with many other delightful treasures. School holidays are typically hectic with many parents at a loss as to how to entertain their kids.

Scrapbooking Materials Galore

Its' a well know fact that we have an incredible range of scrapbooking supplies available. Many scrapbooking enthusiasts are delighted at the range of affordable items we have for them.

Peter, Gary and Gavin are unloading the truck today so I'll have a whole new batch of photos to post on our Facebook page. All the volunteers have been such a great help to us and we really appreciate their hard work.

Yet Another Month of Crafts For Children

Well goodness me, February was a HUGE month for us with many existing members popping into stock up on their kids crafts supplies for the year.

We have also had many new members join our community this month and we're very excited to welcome you all aboard! Peter, Gary and all the other volunteers are working very hard to keep the store looking great and we hope you are all enjoying your experience with us.

It seems that everywhere he looks Peter is finding more and more people who are willing to donate to our store.

Creative Art And Craft For Your Children To Enjoy

As you know, we have bucketloads of crafts for kids here at Resource Rescue - and we're dying to share it with all you teachers, kindergartens and playgroups.

If you have been following our facebook page you'll see that the beginning of this year has seen a plethora of new donations. Still the old favourites but a whole heap of new stuff too, including some fabric mannequins that went like hotcakes. Oh, and did you know that Peter created a BRAND new video???

We LOVE our Shop Customers

Did we mention how much we love all you lovers of discount craft supplies?? We're incredibly grateful to you all for giving us a chance and popping into our store. And judging by the new memberships we're signing daily, you seem to love us too!

This week has been a huge one for donations; A large amount of Christmas supplies was donated as well as a whole lot of mannequins that have been literally walking out the door.

Back in the Swing With Craft For The Kids

Hello one and all, we're very excited to say that our kids crafts store is so much busier than we were this time last year. We have now been in operation for over one year and we have a loyal following of customers that just love to come and visit us.

We're simply delighted to provide you all with the cheapest of cheap art supplies for your schools, kinders, families and workshops. And today we have not one...but FOUR volunteers working with us! How lucky are we????

Budget Craft Supplies That Help Your Kids Use Their Imagination

The first week of the school year is traditionally quiet for us at our discount craft supplies centre; but it seems tradition is being broken this year, because we have had an influx of craft lovers through our store this week.

Not that we're complaining you understand...we LOVE to see your happy smiling faces light up when you see all the incredible cheap art supplies we have to offer.

A huge thank you to our new volunteers Gavin, Bernie and Jackson who have been incredibly helpful and hardworking. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication guys.

5 More Sleeps


Happy Australia Day!!

Only 5 more sleeps till YOU get access to the latest and greatest discount craft supplies for 2012.

And oh me, oh my, haven't the boys (Peter, Gary and Gavin) been working extra hard over the last few days - why? To build more shelves so your experience in our store can be even better.

Open Day At Our Craft Shop During The Holidays


Greetings discount craft supplies lovers,

Today we are opening our doors for all you bored people with bored kids! As you know we are the place to be when it comes to finding quality crafts for kids so take advantage of this opportunity and come down to see us.

After today we will be closed again and we will re-open on Tuesday, 31st January.