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New Year Art And Craft Donations In Store NOW

This week we're building more shelves because we have soooo many new discount craft supplies and nowhere to put it. We're preparing for that very special day next Saturday, 14th January when we will be opening our doors for one day!

Yes, due to popular demand Resource Rescue will open so you can take advantage of our incredible range of stuff. After that we will be closed again and we will re-open on Tuesday, 31st January.

OODLES of Frames for Christmas!

Today I'm very excited to tell you about the huge pile of high quality wooden frames we just received from one of our suppliers.

Last time we got these, they literally walked out the door in no time at all. You have 3 days before we close for Christmas to take advantage of the incredible bargains we have here. These frames sell for as much as $97.00 each retail - and we are selling them for $2.00 to $6.00 each.

We urge you to come and check them out. But if you can't make it in t see us, we hope you have a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Our Craft Sore Is VERY Clean!!

As the heading suggests, our discount craft supplies store is cleaner and even more organised than before, thanks to our volunteer Bernie who is a dab hand with the mop and duster!

And while Bernie is whipping the store into shape, our new volunteer Gavin is providing a bit of muscle power helping Peter do the rounds collecting from our suppliers.

We thank both of our new volunteers from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn't run the store without you.

Fun And Creative Materials Your Children Will Love

Well it's been a very busy week at our store this week sorting out all our crafts for kids - our new volunteer Bernie started with us yesterday! She's already sorted the kitchen out - cleaning it from top to bottom so it looks brand new!

After all, there is a world of difference between a man's idea of 'clean' and a woman's perception of the same thing isn't there? We welcome Bernie into our community and I have to say it's great to have another gal in the mix.

The Craft Shop That Is Bigger, Better, Cheaper

It's true! Our art and craft supplies outlet is getting bigger and better all the time. To prove it, Peter will be spending some time over the Christmas break creating more shelves in our store so YOU can find things much more easily.....and also to make room for the mounds of stuff that people keep donating!

You know, it's funny....we know we're better and cheaper than our competitors - but what you all REALLY love (apparently) is the fact that we're so clean, ordered and organised. (Gary is VERY clean!)

Arrivals at Our Craft Shop for Halloween!


Hello there! Our little art and craft supplies shop just keeps getting better and better. the little dude in the thumbnail photo can't EXACTLY be categorised as art and craft supplies....but you have to admit, he's pretty cute! Only 5 months old I'm told....had a little wander around our shop. We LOVE dogs.

So you're probably starting to think about Christmas and all the gifts you have to buy. To help you out along the way we have a whole heap of Christmassy-stuff as well as plenty of decorative boxes, paper and ribbon.

Update On The Latest Craft Goods In Store

Well the Stringy Bark Festival was an enormous success, with lots of families dropping by and participating in our free activity using our art and craft supplies. Mostly the weather was good but there was a little rain on Sunday. Not that it dampened our spirits!

This week we've had a delivery of tinsel - just in time for the festive season. Many old favourites are walking out the door as people prepare to entertain their kids with fun activities using our materials.

Holiday Kids Crafts

We're the first port of call if you're looking for crafts for kids these holidays. We're in the thick of the final block of school holidays for the year and the 'stuff gods' are smiling down upon us. Only a couple of days ago, Peter picked up a LITERAL truckload of gorgeous fabrics! We have had an influx of enquiries so come on in and claim your share. As always, first come first served.