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Welcome recycled craft supplies zealots! We’re delighted to say we have loads and loads of new stuff coming in every week. Some gorgeous ribbons and boxes for Mother’s day as well as many different fabrics to choose from. We have all of your old favourites such as sticky-back foam, wooden shapes and dowel, but we… Read More »

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Did you know you can buy our scrapbooking supplies Australia wide? We have an excellent mail order service that you can use to cater for all of your scrapbooking, art and craft needs. At the moment we can send you a postpack sampler or a larger archive box brimming with high quality craft materials for… Read More »

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Good afternoon party craft supplies hunters! I thought I’d post today to show you all the ways you can use our materials for your party needs. Peter, who is an expert in re-use and has over 20 years experience in sourcing high quality cheap craft materials, has put together a smashing little video that shows… Read More »

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The cheapest and best art and craft supplies are coming into our store thick and fast. I would almost say we have too much stuff; but then, you can NEVER have too much of this kind of stuff, can you? We don’t think so either… Peter and Gary are unloading the truck as I write this blog… Read More »

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Today I have a video that showcases our stickers and how great they are for ideas regarding crafts for kids. Let’s face it – kids love stickers (so do some adults!) So you can imagine our delight when one of our generous suppliers donated a HUGE load of stickers to Resource Rescue! Let me tell… Read More »

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Did you know there are hundreds of ways to use recycled timber? Recycling expert Peter Van Os should know – he sources second hand building materials from many industries across Melbourne. Our materials are very popular with woodworkers, cabinet makers and the day to day handyman. The range of quality second-hand products is second to… Read More »

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The latest art and craft supplies to be donated to our store are excellent and we think you’ll be very pleased with what we have to offer. The boys have been working very hard unloading the truck and taking photos of our materials so that you can see what we have in detail. We were… Read More »

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Hello one and all! We’re super excited about the latest school art supplies to grace our doorstep. We’re eternally grateful to our wonderful suppliers for their generosity; and we’re always on the lookout for new suppliers! So if you know anybody who has a business and is throwing away things that we might be able… Read More »

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Hello guys, Well our art and craft supplies recycling expert Peter has been at it again! He’s made another short video just to show the latest materials he picked up in the truck. Peter has a solid relationship with over 100 suppliers who regularly rely on him to visit their factories and take away their… Read More »

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Well, it was a tough decision…. ……but there can only be ONE winner of our May art and craft supplies shop testimonials competition. The winner will receive one FREE bag of materials plus a hypnotherapy CD of their choice. Just take a look at the wonderful things people have said about our store on our testimonials… Read More »