Submitted by on Thu, 2017/07/27 - 5:22

Well goodness me, February was a HUGE month for us with many existing members popping into stock up on their kids crafts supplies for the year.

We have also had many new members join our community this month and we’re very excited to welcome you all aboard! Peter, Gary and all the other volunteers are working very hard to keep the store looking great and we hope you are all enjoying your experience with us.

It seems that everywhere he looks Peter is finding more and more people who are willing to donate to our store.

Be sure to visit  our facebook page which has daily updates new stock coming into the store. And don’t forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter to see even more new art supplies.

Here are some other examples of what we have to offer in our store:

We hope to see you very soon!

Delighted to bring you kids crafts supplies,

The Resource Rescue Team