Submitted by on Wed, 2017/07/26 - 11:54

Oh my goodness me…..

Peter the scrapbooking supplies king has really excelled himself this week. Oh yes indeedy.

He has managed to source a truckload of clear washbags,large and small bags with rope handles,pink pencil cases,blue netting tubes(about a metre long), fabulous fabrics,macarenas,wooden cogs,green plastic pots,wooden circles,a pallet of mdf which has been walking out lately,black washbags,keyboards and as well as all the usual goodies.

About time I gave him a promotion! Only problem is…he’s the boss. At least at work anyway.

We have posted about a million photos on our facebook page today to show you all the new art and craft goodies I’ve mentioned above.

We’re excited!!

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We hope to see you very soon!

Delighted to bring you scrapbooking supplies,

The Resource Rescue Team