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I want to share some second hand timber ideas with you. And really, what better way to do that than to proudly display some of the beautiful things my husband Peter has made using recycled timber from our store?

I’m sure Peter will blush when he sees this blog post, but I don’t care! The pictures below are of a beautiful chiffonier and a desk he made for me – all using recycled timber! We receive generous donations from many industries across Melbourne so we have lots and lots of recycled timber that you can use for all sorts of things.

Peter is a talented craftsman and in fact he made all of the furniture in my therapy room. He even carved in a beautiful metal plaque on the desk for me. I’ll freely admit…I’m a lucky girl.

Be sure to check our facebook page for daily samples of the timber and other great materials that come into our store.


We hope to see you very soon!

Delighted to bring you second hand timber,

The Resource Rescue Team