Submitted by on Thu, 2017/07/27 - 12:31

We have oodles and oodles of school art supplies to show you today. Peter did the rounds yesterday and unloaded another truckload into our store.

You’ve been coming in more and more and we’re glad about that for two reasons; firstly, you are putting to good use things that would otherwise have been thrown away and gone into landfill. Secondly, we WANT you to take full advantage of your membership!

You see, if you get the most out of your membership you’re more likely to rejoin next year AND you’re more likely to tell your firends about us. We really believe in providing value for money, so we hope our blog posts and newsletters will remind you to keep coming back into the store.

If you want to join the Resource Rescue community, we invite you to join  our facebook page . We post daily samples of the new art and craft supplies that come into our store. So without further ado; here are the latest art and craft supplies:

Yellow plastic sheets


Foam shapes      

Wooden frames        




Plastic rings 

Plastic tubes    

More plastic      

Rubber shapes 

Wooden blocks

We hope to see you very soon!

Delighted to bring you the best and cheapest school art supplies,

The Resource Rescue Team