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As you know, we have bucketloads of crafts for kids here at Resource Rescue – and we’re dying to share it with all you teachers, kindergartens and playgroups.

If you have been following our facebook page you’ll see that the beginning of this year has seen a plethora of new donations. Still the old favourites but a whole heap of new stuff too, including some fabric mannequins that went like hotcakes. Oh, and did you know that Peter created a BRAND new video???

It showcases some great improvements in the layout of our store, including more shelving, wider aisles and an even more clean, organised and presentable environment. Your browsing experience will be a pleasure to remember. If you haven’t already seen the video, check it our here:

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Remember that if you live too far away to come and visit us, you can take advantage of our onlone shop.

Check out  our facebook page so you can stay up to date with what we have in our store. And don’t forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter to see even more new art supplies.

Here are some other examples of what we have to offer in our store:


Plastic shapes   

Various toys  

Plastic bottles    

Fabric Ribbon

Various tapes   

We hope to see you very soon!

Delighted to bring you affordable crafts for kids,

The Resource Rescue Team