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Good morning kids crafts lovers

WELCOME to the bedlam that is school holidays! Peter, Gary and our team of volunteers have been run off their feet this week serving customers, topping up bins and unloading the truck. We’re so happy to see that you like our store and we love to make it a great experience for you and your families.

And what better way to entertain bored kids than to bring them here to marvel at the wonders we have. As you know we have the cheapest and most creative solution to boredom you can imagine. So come on in and join the chaos!

The weather this week has been sooooo cold and wet – and yet we still see our loyal members rugging up, braving the elements and taking advantage of the incredible bargains we have in our store.

Please be sure to check our facebook page which shows you all the most recent donations of art and craft materials. And don’t forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter to see even more great new materials.

Here are some other examples of what we have to offer in our store:

We hope to see you very soon!

Delighted to bring you kids crafts supplies,

The Resource Rescue Team