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Happy Australia Day!!

Only 5 more sleeps till YOU get access to the latest and greatest discount craft supplies for 2012.

And oh me, oh my, haven’t the boys (Peter, Gary and Gavin) been working extra hard over the last few days – why? To build more shelves so your experience in our store can be even better.

As you know, we have sooooo much stuff that sometimes it’s all a bit hard to get to. So we have widened our aisles so that you can fit through very comfortably with prams and shopping trolleys. And you’ll be able to find things much better now with the new shelving system.

Peter is going to take some photos of the store very soon so I will post these on the website in  few days.

We re-open on Tuesday, 31st January. And we can’t wait to see you all!

Check out  our facebook page which has daily updates on the very latest kids crafts supplies. And don’t forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter to see even more new art supplies.

Here are some other examples of what we have to offer in our store:

Plastic stands 


Our store 



 White Board 


Polystyrene blocks

Fabric Ribbon    


We hope to see you very soon!

Delighted to bring you crafts for kids,

The Resource Rescue Team