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Scrapbooking Materials Australia Wide

Did you know you can buy our scrapbooking supplies Australia wide? We have an excellent mail order service that you can use to cater for all of your scrapbooking, art and craft needs. At the moment we can send you a postpack sampler or a larger archive box brimming with high quality craft materials for as little as $30.00!

Low-Priced Art And Craft Materials That Are Kind To Your Wallet


Welcome recycled craft supplies zealots!

We're delighted to say we have loads and loads of new stuff coming in every week. Some gorgeous ribbons and boxes for Mother's day as well as many different fabrics to choose from. We have all of your old favourites such as sticky-back foam, wooden shapes and dowel, but we also have many new and unique items coming in.

Experts in Recycled Art And Craft Materials

Greetings recycled craft supplies enthusiasts! It's nearly mother's day. What are you going to do for your mum this year? Well, you could buy her something. Most people spend a fortune on store-bought gifts at this time of year; OR if you're feeling really adventurous, you could channel your creative right brain and make her something special using our materials!

Ideas For Using Recycled Timber

I want to share some second hand timber ideas with you. And really, what better way to do that than to proudly display some of the beautiful things my husband Peter has made using recycled timber from our store?

I'm sure Peter will blush when he sees this blog post, but I don't care! The pictures below are of a beautiful chiffonier and a desk he made for me - all using recycled timber! We receive generous donations from many industries across Melbourne so we have lots and lots of recycled timber that you can use for all sorts of things.

Get A Sample Of Our Most Popular Discount Craft Materials

We would like to remind our interstate and country followers that you can buy cheap craft supplies online right here on this website.

Did you know that you can get a large box of arts and crafts supplies for as little as $45.00 delivered directly to your door anywhere in Australia? Just visit our products page and choose your proucts - it's that easy!


Win Free Art And Craft Materials In Our Raffle

As you know, even though we have the cheapest discount craft supplies in Melbourne, we just LOVE to give things away! Right now we're running an Easter raffle for all our store visitors and the winner of that raffle will receive 2 free bags of art and craft materials valued at $50.00.

But we're also aware that some of you can't get into our store to enter this competition - so we're looking for ways to give away our materials via online competitions, and we want to hear YOUR ideas on how to do that.

More Ideas For Reusing Our Recycled Craft Materials

It's the first week of school holidays and so far we have had many happy visitors to our cheap art supplies outlet.

We've been topping up the bins so you can get your money's worth so come in and fill up your bags! We stand by our service so strongly that we offer you a money back guarantee on your membership - if you're not thrilled with our service and our products then we want to know why.

Our primary goal is to keep our customers happy and judging by the smiles on your faces we think we're doing a good job so far.

Money Back Guarantee For Membership With Our Craft Shop

We're so incredibly sure that you'll love our store that we now offer a rock-solid no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee for each and every membership.

That's right - if you're not happy with the quality of our cheap art supplies or anything else, we'll pay you to go to the competition! So there's no risk to you if you sign up for a membership.

Easter Holidays - A Great Time For Kids And Craft

If you've been following our cheap art supplies Facebook page then you'll know we have received thousands upon thousands of wooden frames in all shapes and colours from a generous supplier this week. The frames have no glass or backing and they are walking out the door - so come in and claim your share!

If you haven't already entered our Easter raffle be sure to drop in and put your name down.