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Materials That You Can Use For Scrapbooking


Oh my goodness me.....

Peter the scrapbooking supplies king has really excelled himself this week. Oh yes indeedy.

He has managed to source a truckload of clear washbags,large and small bags with rope handles,pink pencil cases,blue netting tubes(about a metre long), fabulous fabrics,macarenas,wooden cogs,green plastic pots,wooden circles,a pallet of mdf which has been walking out lately,black washbags,keyboards and as well as all the usual goodies.

About time I gave him a promotion! Only problem is...he's the boss. At least at work anyway.

New Materials For All Your Scrapbooking Needs

If you're looking for bargain scrapbooking supplies you're in the right place. Did you know that schools and kinders aren't the only ones who are in love with our stuff?

Avid art and craft fans also use our stuff and you should see what we have for scrapbookers! Compare our prices with your average craft supplies chain and you'll see why we're the best and the cheapest.

Welcome to Our World of STUFF For Kids Art And Craft

Good morning kids crafts lovers

We are into the second week of the holidays and the place is packed with teachers, mums, kids, artists and craft enthusiasts. Peter, Gary and the volunteers have been run off their feet while I sit in my nice warm office typing just isn't fair, is it???

I you haven't had a chance to check us out yet I promise you that wherever you are  - it is worth the trip! Remember that if you live a fair way away  and you can only get in once per year we don't mind if you leave with a carload of stuff - we're here to serve you.

Busier than Ever With Craft Ideas For Children

Good morning kids crafts lovers

WELCOME to the bedlam that is school holidays! Peter, Gary and our team of volunteers have been run off their feet this week serving customers, topping up bins and unloading the truck. We're so happy to see that you like our store and we love to make it a great experience for you and your families.

And what better way to entertain bored kids than to bring them here to marvel at the wonders we have. As you know we have the cheapest and most creative solution to boredom you can imagine. So come on in and join the chaos!

Holidays Means Crafts For Kids

Bring on the kids crafts during school holidays! Kids LOVE to come to Resource Rescue because there is an incredible amount of STUFF to play with and make things with. Parents love it too because it keeps the kids occupied at a very LOW cost (YES!!!)

Peter has been picking up oodles and oodles of craft supplies from our suppliers and out volunteers are hard at work sorting, packing, arranging (and even cleaning!) We hope to see YOU during the holidays.

Our Craft Shop Has Wooden Boxes

Oh yes we do...

If you like our range of discount craft supplies so far, well wait till tomorrow! Right now Peter is collecting thousands of top quality wooden boxes (with hinges!!) that a super-generous supplier has donated. These will be available in-store tomorrow.

I can't wait to show you some photos of these precious goodies. Stand by because as soon as Peter gives me the camera I will be uploading them straight onto our Facebook Page.

.....And that makes 1000!!


We have only a few minutes ago signed up our THOUSANDTH discount craft supplies member! We're mighty proud of this number and we think it's pretty amazing considering we only opened our doors in February 2011.

The lucky person who joined up also received a gift of chocolates and champagne -whoever you are we hope you enjoy them! In the mean time we're still hard at work unloading the truck and gathering new suppliers so we can keep our store looking great.

We love you guys! You all made this possible and we can't thank you enough.

Winter Is The Time For Kids Craft Ideas On A Budget

Well goodness me it's  a cold and miserable day here in our discount craft supplies shop Melbourne. We wouldn't blame you at all if you decided to stay home in your jammies and drink hot chocolate...

....but if you ARE game, we should tell you that we are currently having a HUGE sale of mannequin torsos, arms and legs - only $10.00 for arms and legs - bargain of the century!! The sale ends tomorrow so make sure you come in and grab an arm or a leg (it won't cost you an arm and a leg!)

New Cheap Craft Materials for the Cooler Months

Today is a very happy truck-unloading Friday at our discount craft supplies store! As usual the boys are hard at work while I sit in my nice warm office typing away. Aaaah, the life of a craft-wife.

We are fast approaching the thousand member mark! We will let you know when that happens because we are very excited about it. Peter is taking a trip down to Geelong soon to introduce us to a group of very excited organisations who have only just heard about us. He will be presenting to a rather large and enthusiastic group.

But wait...There's More!!

Good morning discount crafts supplies lovers,

Peter came home last night complaining of tiredness because he had such a busy day picking up all the latest donations from our suppliers. Now, I don't want to get you excited....(oh who am I kidding???? Yes I do!!), but rumour has it that the truck was so full yesterday that Peter claimed not to even be able to fit a basketball in there.

Today is truck unloading day so the boys are hard at work as I speak. I'm expecting a whole lot of new photos of stock so I will post those on our Facebook page very soon.

Art And Craft Supplies Coming Out Of Our Ears!

This week has been a little quieter for our discount craft supplies shop with the end of school holidays and this (brrrrrrr!!!) freezing cold weather! Still, we can't complain. People are still dropping in to visit and we're pleased about that.

Our art, craft and play selection is growing and you would be amazed at the kinds of donations that are coming our way. We're so grateful to our suppliers, because really....without them we would not exist!

Our Art And Craft Ship Is Growing Every Day

Did you know that our little discount craft supplies store is becoming not so little? After just over a year of trading, we now have over 900 active members. We're pretty pleased about that and it seems our customers just can't get enough.

April has been a short but busy month. Even though we have had a few public holidays, the days we have been open have been very busy, especially over the school holidays. Our volunteer Gary has been a godsend during some days when Peter was unable to work as much as usual. We thank you, Gary, from the bottom of our hearts xx.