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Entertain Your Kids For Hours With Fun Arts And Crafts

It's Friday and we're all ready for the weekend with lots of art and crafts for your kids. Peter has been stocking our store up with goodies just in time for the Christmas rush. So come on in for all your Christmas needs. We have heaps of cards, wrapping paper, tinsel, baubles, pretty boxes and lots of other Christmas-y stuff.

Only one month to go till we close our store for the holidays!

Stock Up And Save On Craft Materials

Our discount craft supplies shop is bigger than ever. We've had no signs of slowing down even though the school year will be winding up soon. I guess all you crafties out there just can't stop creating. And we reckon that's a good thing.

And why woudn't you with all our stock just begging to be taken advantage of? In case you're not on FaceBook you may be wondering about cup day; alas, we are closed. BUT we ARE open tomorrow (Saturday) if you were thinking of paying us a visit.

Craft Coming Out of Our Ears!

Last weekend was the Stringybark sustainability festival and we had a very successful weekend showcasing our discount craft supplies! Many people had heard of us and dropped by to say hi. (Funny how word travels fast).

Before you know it, it will be Christmas and we'll be getting ready to close our doors for a while. Our last trading day in 2012 will be Saturday, 15th December. But never fear! We will be opening on some weekends in January before the new school year starts. I will post the dates as soon as they are finalized.

Did You Hear About Our New Craft Supplies?

Well, haven't WE been busy! With over 1,000 active members at our discount craft supplies outlet we're going full speed to bring you cheap crafts to play with.

Speaking of cheap crafts - a wonderful person donated a whole heap of sewing stuff - haberdashery(???) I think it's called. I'm telling you, this stuff costs a mint at Spotlight but you will get it at a fraction of the price from us.

Your Kids Will Love Our Craft Supplies These Holidays

Parents and teachers alike are cramming our store and loading up their trolleys with craft supplies for kids to play with during the school holidays. But the fun doesn't stop there! With term 4 just around the corner we know you're going to want to stock up for the last part of the year as well.

After that it's Christmas. And we're the best place to be for wrapping paper, ribbon, presents, decorations trinkets and goodies. You can get all your Christmas shopping taken care of in the blink of an eye and with minimal damage to your wallet.

Art and Craft for the Holidays

Hi guys, it's great to have Gary back on board at our discount craft supplies shop this week. Just in the nick of time too - school holidays start tomorrow! But don't worry. Our shelves are stocked full with the latest, best quality and CHEAPEST art and craft supplies in Melbourne.

Peter just collected a truckload of high quality cushions, dress-up stuff and googly eyes. Peter was all ready to post a witty comment about the googly eyes but one of our loyal Facebook followers beat him to it!

Get Creative With Our Affordable Craft Materials

A new season is the best time to tune into your creative side and make use of our discount craft supplies. Tomorrow is the first day of spring and to celebrate, the boys have been building brand new shelves so we can organize our stock even more effectively (details to follow on Facebook).

As you know, we have so much stuff that it's sometimes hard to know which aisle to explore first. Now you'll be able to see EVERYTHING so much more clearly and we think you're going to be very happy about that.

Bring on Spring!!!

Back to Blackboards! Craft Supplies

Peter has been at it again!! His talent at sniffing out the cheapest art and craft supplies is truly amazing. He has ferreted out a load of as new blackboards that were going to be thrown out. When you see the photos on Facebook you'll be amazed at what some people consider to be junk.

They are chalkboard one side and magnetic the other side AND they come with a duster and coloured chalk. We're selling them for a crazy $5.00 each (or membership bag equivalent).

Jewellery, Manicure Sets and More Coming Into Our Craft Store


If you thought we only sell art and craft supplies....think again!

This week Peter has managed to save a treasure-trove of goodies from going into landfill. We have literally HUNDREDS of manicure sets that are to be sold as part of a bag. If you've ever needed your nails clipped now's the time to stock up.

What's New in the World of Craft Materials

If sourcing art and craft supplies donations was an Olympic sport, Peter would be the unequivocal champion.

Just when you thought couldn't come through with any more treasures....he's pulled in a Gold Medal! I'm talking wooden cogs, wooden shapes, party supplies and Christmas supplies...and we're only getting started.

I don't know what it is about that man but sensational donations seem to follow him everywhere. The fruits of his labour have been displayed all week on our Facebbok page.

You Won't Find Cheaper Craft Materials Anywhere Else

Well Peter has been a busy little beaver this week gathering donated art and craft supplies so that you and your family can enjoy endless fun at the lowest prices. Not only did he pick up  a HUGE supply of pots on Tuesday; then along came an enormous range of Christmas supplies that you're going to go bonkers over (really - stark raving bonkers!!)

All the very latest stuff is posted daily on our Facebook page including all the Christmas stuff so if you haven't headed over to our page yet we encourage you to do so. That's where it's all happening!